Love- The true love.

Love bears the fruit of all good things, it lightens up anyone with it’s softest touch. Love is not expecting, it may not be returned when shown but its love, it doesn’t care. It shows itself to everyone, it isn’t discriminating. It possesses people, but that’s for only those who welcome it in. Where there is love the shadow of hate can not abide. Love lightens up the heart, it makes you peachy, a smile can’t be far from your face, it colors everything around you. Love is given to all, even the opposite sex, most people believe you can’t love the opposite sex purely there has to be some erotic feeling in it, on my own perception that’s not true, you can love the opposite sex without having strings attached and no its not friend-zoning, I’m talking about the true love, the love that wants nothing in return, being glad that the person next to you is touched with your love and they are happy. Love brings all good things, some people’s thoughts about love is, “It makes one vulnerable, why love? Love because you are human, we were created with love in us. There’s a quote I read online, “Hate is easy. Love takes courage.” Hate is easy, but terrible it fogs the mind from the truth of the light of love, and loving takes courage because it has other things connected to it like forgiveness, humility, honesty, the courage in showing a person love even though its not returned is incredible, very courageous indeed.Love brings all good things, I quote Rihanna Fenty, “Love makes you go places you probably wouldn’t go, had it not been for love. But I think everybody still has their limits.” What she said is totally agreeable showing love, having it in you can take you places you wouldn’t go ordinarily, unlike hate it makes you stagnant you can’t move higher in your life, it leads to being anti-social and someone that is anti-social can not have connections and you my dear reader do know how important it is to have connections, it makes your life easier. Love makes a family or community a good one because through showing love to another it reciprocates and leads to happiness, selflessness and many other good attitudes, but how do we bring love into the society? It has to start from our individual families, the famous saying goes this way, “Charity begins at home.” almost all actions done by an individual in the society is because that is how the individual acts in his/her home. You aren’t whole until you have love in you.There is something so filling about knowing the fact that it’s because of your act of love someone is smiling genuinely.

Heartbreaks: Once upon a time, you had love in you but you got heart broken and from then on you never believed in love and you allowed your mind to be clouded with hate and despise towards the one who broke you or maybe to everyone because you started generalizing the fact that everyone will break your heart the same way as the former did, the truth is heart breaks are really one of the most emotional traumas ever but we are all created with strength to not accepting being weak by allowing hate into us and sending love away from us, I’ve heard some people’s stories about how they were broken but most of them didn’t allow hate in surely they were depressed for a while but they let go of it all and moved on. I want to point out some facts about love; Love doesn’t ever die, it only leaves if you allow it to. When heart broken by the one you truly love, the love won’t die it will only get quiet giving your heart a break for the love to regain its strength while it forgives. From my own perspective and some others,

  • Love is never weakening.
  • Love is tender but strong.
  • Love can get quiet, but it doesn’t mean its dead.
  • Pure, true love will always abide even when the demon of hate tries to overshadow it, Love always overcomes.
  • Love gives hope.
  • Love is humble.
  • Love overlooks all, it never points out flaws.
  • Love is ever forgiving.
  • Love is a light and that light is our God, know him, fellowship with him always and He’ll give your life a meaning He is all love and He wants to use us that know Him to reach out to others with love, like Tabitha(Dorcas) in the bible she was a great instrument of love, she was a giver she made sure all those around her, the less privileged were happy she had compassion towards them and did a great work it was all Love that made her do it. “Love your neighbor, as yourself” I believe that no one would treat their-selves badly in the same way don’t treat another person badly.gods-love
  • Love lightens up the heart and paths, it sees the good in everyone.

I am a testifier to love, some people see being dark hearted and being all hateful is a cool thing(even I saw it that way) but really no it isn’t, Love instead is the coolest, it purifies the heart unlike hate that pollutes it. Oh my! there’s a  lot to keep on saying about love, it’s a spontaneous feeling, it keeps on flowing sweetly, but I have to stop here.

The decision is yours now; decide, Love that costs nothing or Hate that costs you living a sweet life to sheer depression and loneliness.


A voiceless weight.

A person I thought I would never meet.

Its like meeting your reflection,

I blink, you blink

I raise my hand, you raise yours.

But you know its not every time your reflection is your copycat.

Most times you walk away slowly from the mirror and so also does your reflection walk away.

Then you’re left with only memories of how your reflection was your timed twin.

Well that’s how I feel, and I want to go back to the mirror,

Admire you, you’re more than a reflection.

A twin I’ve longed for longer than time could be.


All of a sudden everywhere is quiet, the mirror is gone

it seemed like we didn’t know each other, like we never did.

But we really do.

You’re the only one that has seen the weight,

the weight of my voiceless thoughts that screams silently in my heart.

And then, I feel… I feel the mirror returning

slowly but surely…

And when it comes, I’ll leave anything just to stay and admire you again.

I would say…

I really missed you.




The fallen hero.

A man newly sets up his life

in the military.

Duties he’s got towards his nation, office and home.

He works hard to serve his nation,

he works hard to serve in his office,

he works hard to be a father in his home.

At home he’s got a wife he loves,

children he cherishes,

but duties that he obeys diligently,

keeps him away from his home.

Each time that he’s about to leave,

he tells his family that he’ll return

and they all bid him fare-well,

but he is troubled in his mind,

so he prays to the creator,

he should be kept for his family,

for his wife, so that she won’t be insulted

because she’s a widow.

For his children, so that they won’t be despised

because they are fatherless.

Each time the creator preserved him,

but fate had to take place!

One day as he was leaving home for duty,

his family bid him the usual good-bye

but unknown to his family,

it was the last goodbye they would ever bid him.

Now the nation he served, he left.

The office he worked in, he left,

and most of all the family he loved, he left them.

Such pain to all, the widow weeps but more for their cherished children.

What is the fate of these fallen heroes children?

Will the fallen heroes dreams for their children die with them?

Will the fallen heroes families be neglected because they are gone?

Will their service to their nation be in vain?

Will their hard work for their nation and office fall with them?

May our fallen heroes never be forgotten!

In tribute to my late father, Emmanuel Kayode Oloye.

Composed by me.

Jesus: The Ultimate Contender — aoates1995

The last few days, I have been reading the Book of Job. As we all know, Job was a man fond of suffering. In a very short amount of time, he went from having it all to having little to nothing. Like Job, we must also wrestle through our troubles. Throughout the Book, there were […]

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The reason why different people differ in their successes is because of what they’ve chosen to carry in them, what they’ve chosen to be vessels of.

Some people are permanent failures because they chose to, some others are successful because they chose to. Some people are outstanding because they chose to, some others are among the crowd, indifferent, mediocre because they chose to. Man is the only creation of God that is allowed to have a choice, our live is truly a whole story filled with chapters of choices made by us individually.

What is the root of your choice?

What made you choose to be who you are today?

Mediocrity; in everything you do you either leave a signature of a job well done or a sign of mediocrity which really doesn’t commend anyone.

Many successful and great people today came from poor backgrounds but what lifted them to where they are is what they chose to be vessels of, you certainly can’t compare a vessel of gold with a vessel of saw dust, these great people of today have chosen to be outstanding, they decided to be carriers of greatness and when you are a carrier of something big, great, you certainly can’t hide it, it just has to show. I read a quote the other day which said, “If you’re born poor it’s not your fault, but if you die poor it is certainly your fault.

We all are vessels. But let us ask ourselves, vessel, what do you carry in you?

What have you chosen to be a carrier of?

What have you chosen to be made of?

Everyone has been created to be a fine vessel, but what we individually carry differs us.

Most of all if you do want to be a fine vessel of greatness, you have to let it show, what can make it show is by the excellent spirit you have in you, an excellent spirit in you reflects through your

  • Words- let your words be seasoned with salt in it; thereby giving people who relate with you a taste of what you truly are.
  • Dressing- as you’re dressed so shall you be addressed, your dressing should give every one the impression that you’re a vessel of a great bounce of success and not rags, your appearance should always be respectable, always arranged and not disarranged.
  • Eating habit- a funny point but important, surely you want to be great in life therefore you should expect sitting on many tables in life with other great people of value and you surely wouldn’t appreciate stern stares when you display your bad eating habits.
  • The way you give- lastly in your benevolent acts, are you the type that’s self centered? the type that has got difficulty in giving sincerely without expecting profit? Most things we do in this life are seeds that we sow, if you sow a corn seed you’ll surely reap corn, the same thing towards giving, giving is a form of sowing seeds to reap in your future. Giving can be mainly done by the rich, so if you dream to be rich, wealthy, then give, be benevolent.

Vessel! What have you chosen to carry?

A Tome of Poems: Innocence Lost


Hello there again fellow readers, I will be posting another poem today and this one was inspired by my growing change in perspective from the naivete and ignorance of childhood to the pragmatism and reality of adulthood. Enjoy.


I remember a time when all was black and white

When I believed life was like that of a rose

I remember a time of no fight or flight

When my biggest worry was hurting my toes.

As I grew I learnt that there was gray in between

That life was not a great elegant ball

As I grew I learnt you can have a friend or a fiend

And throughout life, one is bound to fall.

Now I know that there are layers

And life goes on whether you like it or not

Now I know to deal in wisdom and prayers

And whatever happens could be anyone’s fault.

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Scars, daily reminders of mistakes caused by insecurities.

She was told, black is sad, black is ugly,

she believed and curled into a fur-ball of insecurities and inferiority.

A voice awakened her mind saying;

“Look at the mirror, isn’t black beautiful?”

she thought; “yes it is..”

The voice continued,”make a difference, show them,

show them that it is as beautiful as other colors are,

It’s a color that can’t be bought, it is priceless

now show the world how elegant it is

don’t accept what the world is saying, you are your own self.

After that realization, She walked with her head high,

she beamed with confidence and happiness, happiness that was unknown to all she passed by.

Though she’s got scars, she accepted them knowing that her flaws makes her beautiful.

Ignored all mockery and chose to smile,

hurts hasn’t restrained her heart of love,

a dark pit of sadness in her that she has covered with her cheeky smiles.

In her weaknesses, she decided to be strong,

moved away from the idle tongues and started working on her self.

She wants to be self made, she’s on the road to that. black-woman-sitting



I saw his picture

which looked so real

and I asked myself

will I ever be used to the fact that you’re gone?

will I?