In my world filled with dreams

Twas foremost.

Serenity, passion and effort: The trinity

The best peace of mind.

After the first glory,

Came a fire,

A wrong one.

Burning down the serenity,

Burning down the whole trinity

Of peace of mind.

Burned everything

Till I became darkened

Darkness crept into my dreams

The light of my dreams

Became faded glory.

Getting lost in status quo

Loosing my very peculiarity

Trying to follow another man’s creativity

Forgetting mine.

I was born for this,

To produce these words,

My soul has been so full

Looking for how to dispense

But I locked the passage

Staring at others,

Following orders

When I have the power to order,

It’s inborn in me.

I chose existing theories

Suppressing my global theories

Realisation all coming back in tears,

Lucky I still know where I dropped the pen…


What character do you play?

Villains weren’t born but made by the virtue of their choices, same thing with our heroes it happens not only in folktale but right in our very lives filled with unavoidable drama that your choices to it makes you either the bad guy or the good guy and there’s an audience watching and criticizing your choices.

I read a quote;

What makes you isn’t your skills or positions but your very own character.

During my extended easter break. While I was away from the whole modern world and its distractions, I got time to have a deep reflection of myself. I thought back to the younger me of 4-5 years ago and slowly thought back to my present self and realised that through those years I dropped habits and picked new ones. And if you just think about it that’s also your story. Sadly some of us have dropped few good characters we had and adapted so easily to the bad ones, worse is in the very eyes of our world it is seemingly good. Where am I really going to, you ask? Just the way we detox our body system we should take a good detox of our minds and character, just do it once in a while, once in a month, once in three months just whenever, let’s merge deep into ourselves and reshape our characters to the actual acceptable one. There’s no way we can always be right, sometimes we do something wrong and then our conscience speaks to us “amends needs to be made”

I culled 4 steps for mental detox;

  1. Reflect: How have I been over time? Have I made progress? Have I dropped the good or have I been better than before? Have I offended anyone? Is there any grudge that should be dropped?
  2. Identify: Once you’ve answered the questions your mind brought up, detox is half way done.
  3. Make efforts, continuous efforts: If you’ve noticed, what eats deeps into you and you determine to quench the hunger, totally works! Efforts are all we need to upgrade ourselves. “To glow up” glow up isn’t just the finesse, it’s the mind too!
  4. Create a habit: I used to be lazy, ignoring chores or do them haphazardly but with the above steps I decided to make a beautiful change of myself that anyone who observes would appreciate.

I hope this helps; it did help me and importantly fight laziness(I speak to myself also lol). Fight it. Have a beautiful week ahead!

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Myth Buster: I can’t hear you!

In every relationship misunderstandings must arise; but the soundness of your communication affects what the misunderstandings roll into; either bigger issues or pacified matters. Whether you’re friends, colleagues, dating or even married y’all need to communicate effectively. Below I’ll burst a myth especially for the girls😉

Myth: (Especially girls belief) Every guy, especially your boyfriend/husband understands your body language by now and why your mood just switched.

Buster: He is totally clueless! He can’t place what got you switched up. Trust me you aren’t a book he can read, even though you were one you’d be written in 10k languages per page😐

What to do: Wear off your pride and tell him; don’t be scared that you’ll look or sound stupid just say what’s getting you off. Everyone likes an outspoken person. Telling him/her will make you realize how oblivious your partner/friend was.

Would have told you a story but this post is long already😴 next post expect a story and more relationship myth busters.

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Skin Care 101: Best ways to pick the skincare products for you!

Its Saturday! Another weekend. Most of the time the weekend is to wear off the stress of the work days that’s why we relax, lazy around… Eat nice food and even do some therapy especially when it comes to the skin(face), but most of our problems are, which products should I use to give me my desired outcome. Before picking a skincare product you have to know your type of skin. Someone would ask “does it matter?” hell yeah it does!

Observing to know your skin type is a basic guide on how to properly take care and pick products for your skin. There are 6 skin types;

1. Normal skin: This type of skin can use regular products. To know if this is your skin type, you would notice you have a slight oily shine, some pores along your T-zone and rare breakouts on the face. This skin is neither oil-free or sensitive.

2. Dry skin: You would observe that this type has got little to no pores or shine. The skin is usually flaky or tight. What to use? Products with adequate moisturizing formulas. Tip: When picking a product look out for products with hyaluronic acid; This particular organic acid will moisturize and plump skin up by drawing in moisture from the surrounding environment.

3. Oily skin: Its has got frequent breakouts, large pores and an oily shine. What you need to do if you have this skin type is to regulate sebum production and moisture. Always cleanse and exfoliate your skin as it is prone to acne and oil build up.

4.Combination skin: This type is oily only at the T-zone and dry everywhere else. If this is your skin type, pick products with minimum moisture. Don’t pick harsh products that would totally make your face dry or products for oily skin to avoid build up and then acne breakouts.

5.Sensitive skin: If you have this do not fear😽 This skin reacts easily to products and surrounding environment, your face might turn red, bumpy or itchy. All you need do is to carefully select the skin care products you use. Eat healthy(I mean eat lots of vegetables and fruits) use gentle products like a potent antioxidant and STAY AWAY from products with synthetic fragrances use products that reduce inflammation as a result of irritation.

6.Under circulated skin: If you don’t experience redness or hurt on your skin after a hot bath, using a scrub, getting a bruise or a facial. And your skin is usually pale. Then this is your skin. Why your skin is this way is because you don’t have enough oxygen and nutrient rich blood flowing, so it usually looks pale. A good way to get glowing skin and normal skin is to use ingredients that will increases the dilation of good vessels and promote oxygen and blood flow like peppermint, rosewater and massaging your face regularly to help blood flow.

And if you’re already on track with your skin care regime don’t forget to follow these steps:



3.Hydrate (during the day to reduce the sun’s harshness)

4. Nourish, Moisturize(at night before going to bed)

Major key to attract your type of guy/girl

Its Friyay! The weekend has started, though for some of us it was yesterday😂 So its obvious most of us are going to boogie down🔥 but some of us are just going to a cool spot to cool off from the tiring week😴

Nonetheless, most times we always see this guy/girl that we get attracted to instantly. The major key to make them reciprocate this attraction is: 1.Be confident and smile; everyone loves it when the opposite sex is confident, not cocky and smiles, it lightens up the mood. And don’t just sit there drooling make a move also. Tip: you could look directly at them, give a smile and say hi😉

2. Have your standard! You see some people say “The type of guys I’m attracted to are not the type that approach me” Honey, you need to have the same standard as the girls/guys you want to approach you(P.s don’t be fake; be real all the way)

3.About being annoyed at some girls/guys that you don’t want to approach you, don’t make yourself open to just any girl/guy😴. So wherever you go to today or whenever keep these tips handy, it will go a long way😏

Thank me later😂😂😂

Toxic. Non Toxic.

The words you speak to yourself and others around makes a whole lot of impact than you intend to. Toxic words of hate, disgust, strife… Can shut down a person’s mind and damage them, leading to sadness and even depression💔. But non toxic words of love, care, happiness can make a person’s day, week, month and even year😂 if you check, the favorite people around you are those that always speak words of love, they aren’t careless with their words and they are usually peachy. Even those you see as mean and nasty are just lacking the right approach of love. What is it going to be? Toxic or non-toxic words?

Tip: Saying nice words to people randomly without any personal interest would pave a favored way for you, and improve your relationship with others😉

Challenge: Say something nice to someone you hardly say nice words to. Just compliment someone out of the blues❤

Tip 101 to a flatter tummy and less weight


Its Sunday!! The day before the dreaded Monday😫 so yesterday(Saturday) I got invited to this party. While I was making up I kind of tripped and I was scared of my brown powder getting broken but it didn’t, it only revealed a face foam I never discovered since I used it. My mind went asap; never really regret a mistake, it just might lead to a better realization.

Fast forward to the party, towards the end I got drunk, insanely drunk! Like I’ve never drank before and trust me control wasn’t part of the funny show I put on😂😂; during my lucid intervals the thought of my abs workout hit me, “shit I drank!” A mistake on my path when I first thought about it but now it inspired me to tip 101 for a flat tummy and less fat “Careful with alcohol!” It contains a lot of calories(and you know what that means😉) The calories would cause a bulge in your tummy and confuse your appetite. If you’re going to drink at all take a shot or a sip and when you do always have a snack beside it and don’t forget reduce your alcohol intake!